Contact the Foundation

If you would like information about the David Douglas Educational Foundation, please contact the Special Projects Office at 503-261-8204, or send an e-mail to holly_effenberger@ddouglas.k12.or.us.

Donate to DDEF

If you would like to support the David Douglas Educational Foundation with a cash donation, here is your opportunity to do so! All donations are welcome - no amount is too small to make a difference!

If you would like your donation to be applied to a specific account/activity, please contact Holly Effenberger in Special Project at 503-261-8204, or email at holly_effenberger@ddouglas.k12.or.us

Thank you for your support of DDEF!

DDEF Mission Statement

The David Douglas Educational Foundation is a non-profit community organization founded in 1991, dedicated to promoting student success for all children in the David Douglas School District. The mission of the Foundation is to ensure success for all David Douglas students in a variety of ways:

  • To enhance educational excellence in the District.
  • To encourage community partnerships with the schools.
  • To promote innovative education programs.
  • To assist David Douglas children in need.

The Foundation board and committees are comprised of volunteers. It is important to increase our volunteer ranks with new members, which will support the continuation of this worthwhile non-profit entity.

Ways to Support your District

Can you give some time? David Douglas schools rely on the help of dedicated and caring volunteers. For more information regarding a specific school, please contact the school's volunteer coordinator.

Projects Needing Your Support

  • Libraries
  • Music Department
  • Athletics
  • $5 Campaign – David Douglas Kid’s Fund
  • Scholarships

Cash and Material Donations
Cash and material donations can be made to the David Douglas Educational Foundation through the Special Projects Office located in the District Office (1500 SE 130th). Please call 503-261-8204 for more information.

Donate School Supplies

$5 Campaign

The “$5 Campaign” was started by two David Douglas High School students in 2005. The employees of the District can elect to make a continuing donation to the DDEF through a payroll deduction. The donations that are collected are split with one half being added to our annual grant fund and the other half going to the DDEF “Kids Fund” which is available to the counselor of each school in the District. At David Douglas High School these funds are distributed to the Celtic Heart.

During this past school year, the Kids Fund helped many students with their needs, such as eye exams/glasses, emergency dental work, diabetic supplies, prescriptions/medications, hearing aids and much more.

Meet the Foundation Board

President: Beverly Fischer, member since 1991

Treasurer: Frieda Christopher, member since 1991

Secretary: Jo Carney, member since 2009

Grant Committee Chair: Linda Beith

Scholarship Committee Chair: Beverly Fischer

Board Members:
Suzie Albin, member since 2004
Linda Steele, member since 2009

Jeff Reardon (temp. inactive), member from 1999-2012


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