Volcanic Ash Fallout

Seismic activity at Mt. St. Helens has brought forth memories of the volcanic eruption in 1980 and what we should do now to protect ourselves in the event of another large eruption. Although there is no way to predict if this will occur, we would like to remind you of the emergency procedures David Douglas School District has in place.

The District's goal is for our staff, students and families to be safe during an emergency. In the event of an eruption during school hours, the District Office will receive immediate notification and will in turn contact all District and building administrators. Schools will begin emergency support procedures.

Inclement Weather

The decision to keep school open, to close, or to have a delayed opening is based on our ability to safely transport students to and from school. Please discuss with your child arrangements that will need to be made in the event that students are sent home early.

The following situations could occur on a bad weather day:

School is Closed - All students stay home.

Late Opening - This allows us to transport students after the roads are cleared and the traffic is reduced. Breakfast will NOT be served.

Early Dismissal - On very rare occasions, we will begin school and then an unexpected storm will cause us to send students home early. This information will be announced on the radio.


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