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David Douglas District Office
Attn: (Dept. or recipient's name)
1500 SE 130th
Portland, Oregon 97233-1799

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Administrator Contacts

District Office Administrators

Don Grotting, Superintendent, 503-261-8201

Ken Richardson, Assistant Superintendent, 503-261-8205

Patt Komar, Director of Administrative Services, 503-261-8212

Brooke O'Neill, Director of Curriculum, 503-261-8228

Barbara Kienle, Director of Student Services, 503-261-8209

Derek Edens, Director of Technology and Assessment, 503-261-8227

Dan McCue, Communications Director, 503-261-8229

By Phone

To reach an individual, dial 503-256-6500. If you know their extension you can enter it at any time. If you do not know the person's extension you can locate them by first or last name using the menu options.

Quick Reference Numbers
District Office: 503-252-2900
Superintendent's Office: 503-261-8201
Business Office: 503-261-8212
Human Resources: 503-261-8253
Job Hotline: 503-261-8243

Contact by FAX
To reach us by FAX, dial 503-256-5218

Extension List
You can also download and view a list of District phone extensions in order by employee's last name. You can reach any employee in the District by dialing 503-256-6500 and then the extension listed once you hear the operator.

SUN Contacts

Alternate Directory

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