SUN Coordinators Appreciation Week

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Happy Schools Uniting Neighborhoods Coordinators Appreciation Week!

This week, we’re highlighting our SUN (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods) Coordinators who help create, strengthen, and maintain the bridge between our schools and our community. Our SUN Coordinators do incredible work each day to guide and provide leadership for the collaborative process and development of a continuum of services for children, families and community members within a school neighborhood. They help retain and support students by using the school as a community center and service delivery site before and after school, evenings, on weekends and during the summer. Without our SUN Coordinators, the strong, supportive bridges we’re building between our schools and our community wouldn’t be possible! 

Thank you, SUN Coordinators! 

Make sure you thank your SUN Coordinator too! Below is a list of SUN Coordinators for each school and their contact information. 

Cherry ParkHeather Mackris503-902-8766
Earl BoylesErika Hernandez503-528-4059
Gilbert HeightsJaren George971-386-3988
Gilbert ParkNatasha Threatts503-577-2159
Lincoln ParkChloee Timmons  503-560-6894
Menlo ParkGina DeFalco971-340-6276
Mill ParkJamie Flowers971-340-6221
Ventura ParkSophie Hilton503-841-3582
West PowellhurstLena Fox503-902-8768
Alice OttAlex Rivera503-256-6500 ex.6510
Floyd LightEverardo Martinez Ibarra503-256-6500 ex.8744
Ron RussellAnthony Zafra503-256-6500 ex.5641
DDHSNicole Senders503-262-4431