School Board Recognition Month


We’re excited it’s January because we are able to sing our praises even louder for seven very important members of our school community! Along with the other 196 school districts throughout Oregon, David Douglas School District is celebrating “School Board Recognition Month.”

Our School Board members spend countless hours of unpaid time working to ensure that every child in the David Douglas School District receives the free, high-quality, equitable education that they deserve and need. They also serve as the corporate board of directors for one of our community’s largest employers. Celebrating School Board Recognition Month is one way to say thanks for all they do.

Even though we make a special effort during the month of January to show appreciation for our School Board members, we recognize their contributions reflect a year-round effort on their part. They are dedicated individuals who are committed to improving student achievement and to fighting for the best for all of our students. Too often the efforts of school board members, who are volunteer community servants, go unrecognized and under appreciated.

Please help us thank our School Board members for their dedicated service!

David Douglas School Board Members

Donna Barber, who has served since 2018

Stephanie Stephens, who has served since 2017

Christine Larsen, who has served since 2013

Sahar Muranovic, who has served since 2019

Aaron Barrow, who has served since 2019

Andrea Valderrama, who has served since 2016

Frieda J. Christopher, who has served since 1991

View the State of Oregon’s School Board Recognition Month proclamation

What is a School Board?

School districts are governed by a board that is accountable for the performance of the schools in their district. A board is comprised of district residents who are individually elected by their community. Members represent their fellow residents’ diverse beliefs and values. School boards reinforce the principle of local control over public education, which is an important, highly valued aspect of education in Oregon.

Members of a school board truly give the gift of time. Not only do they prepare for and attend meetings, they also communicate with constituents, participate in board trainings and attend community events.