CDL Extended Through Spring Break

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To our David Douglas families,

Due to persistently high levels of coronavirus cases, ongoing uncertainty, and the need for families to have consistency for planning, the David Douglas School Board has extended Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) through at least Spring Break.

This means that unless there is a dramatic drop in the rate of infection, and/or the availability of widespread testing, vaccines and contact tracing, David Douglas schools will remain closed to most in-person learning until at least March 29.

Meanwhile, District leadership and staff will continue planning for the eventual reopening of our schools, whether that be limited in-person learning, a hybrid model, or a full reopening. Those reopening plans will prioritize early elementary (Pre-K thru 3) and certain special needs students before moving up through higher grades.

David Douglas is following health metrics developed by the Oregon Health Authority. Those metrics in Multnomah County are currently in the extreme risk range.

While these metrics are advisory, they were scientifically based on keeping people safe and healthy, and we will continue to follow them. The health and well-being of our students, families and staff is our highest priority. To safely reopen schools, our teachers and school staff must have ready access to vaccines; our students, families and staff must have access to widely available testing; and contact tracing of active cases must be more robust.

In its deliberations, the School Board was clear that the District must redouble its efforts during CDL to put significant energy and resources toward helping struggling students and families. We will continue providing and building on resources and assistance for any of our families that need it. On our District website, you will find a wide variety of resources, including:

Food Resources – Free breakfast, lunch and dinner distributed every weekday to every child 18 and under; and free food pantries for families at 8 locations.

Technology Support – See tutorials on operating your devices, or get assistance from our help desk if you are experiencing issues.

Health Care and Mental Health Resources – Information about our Student Health Center, available COVID-19 testing, dealing with stress and anxiety, and more.

Child Care – Resources to assist you in finding available child care in our area.

Learning Resources – See a collection of supplemental learning resources to give your student additional opportunities.

And More, including housing, financial and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

In addition, Multnomah County provides its own resource page for supporting your student learner during Comprehensive Distance Learning.