Flyer Review Process

The David Douglas School District will consider for distribution in our schools informational flyers, posters, brochures and other informational material based on the following criteria:

  1. Flyers must be from community-based, non-profit organizations.
  2. No commercial advertising of any kind will be accepted.
  3. Flyers must offer educational or extra-curricular learning opportunities for students, staff or parents.
  4. Submitted flyers must be in their final form. No drafts.

Sports related flyers should be directed to the Community Sports Coordinator, Jennifer Buscher, three weeks in advance. Contact Jennifer at

What to submit:

  1. A final version of your flyer, poster, brochure or other informational material.
  2. The name and contact information, including phone number and email address, of someone we can contact in case of questions.
  3. Specifically who the flyer targets, i.e. students, parents or staff; grade levels; or specific schools.

How to submit (choose one):

  1. Drop your flyer off in person to the David Douglas School District Special Projects Office, 11300 NE Halsey Street.
  2. Email an electronic copy of your flyer to Indicate in the subject line that it is a flyer review submission.
  3. Mail an original copy of your flyer to David Douglas School District, Special Projects Office, 11300 NE Halsey Street, 97220
  4. Fax your flyer to Special Projects at 503-256-5218
  5. The Special Projects Office will notify you whether or not your flyer has been approved.

If you flyer is approved:

  1. The Special Projects Office will notify the schools where you wish to distribute that your flyer is approved.
  2. You are responsible for dividing and labeling the flyers by school before delivering them. Please group the flyers in bundles of 30, for easy classroom distribution. While school secretaries can provide information about the number of students per class, it is not necessarily the job of the school secretary to hand count and distribute your flyers. Current enrollment numbers for each DDSD school.
  3. You may take your approved flyers to each school office or drop them all off at the District Office (11300 NE Halsey) for distribution to each building.

Note: The David Douglas School District reserves the right to decline any flyer for distribution. Approving a flyer does not indicate that the District sponsors or endorses the activities or information in the flyer. For more information, contact Special Projects at 503-261-8204.