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Volunteer Procedures

Thank you for your interest in volunteering in the David Douglas School District. Individuals wishing to volunteer within the District must complete a Volunteer Application Packet.

Volunteers are individuals that are associated with DDSD, such as a parent, guardian, family member, or neighbor. Volunteers are intermittent helpers. Examples of volunteer opportunities include classroom help, field trips, picture day, etc. 

Visitors are guests of the building. Visitors are individuals who are associated with DDSD, as a parent, guardian, family member, or neighbor but have not completed the volunteer process.

If you are linked to a community-based organization, visit our community partners page for more information.

Volunteer Application Procedure

  1. Fill out the volunteer packet linked below. These forms are also available in each school office.
  2. Return completed volunteer packet to the office of the school you wish to volunteer at. All Volunteer Packets must be signed by the building’s Principal.