Student Assessment

Welcome to David Douglas Assessment Department.

We support student success on the Pathway to College and Career Readiness by promoting, monitoring and supporting a balanced assessment system. The department provides valid and reliable data from multiple measures to inform curricular and instructional decisions and facilitates the use of assessment information by a variety of users to answer questions about student progress.

Helping Your Child…

  • Be sure your children are at school every day. Good attendance is needed to do well in school and to do well on tests.
  • Be sure your children arrive at school on time, well rested, and well nourished.
  • Take an interest in your children’s school work. When children and parents talk regularly about school, children perform better academically.
  • Make a quiet place at home for your children to study, read, and do homework assignments.
  • Work on reading with your children at home. Good reading skills are important to success in school and to doing well on tests. Set a good example as a reader – read every day at home even if it is a magazine or newspaper.
  • Use your voice to advocate for your children. If your children have special needs, make sure teachers and principals understand those needs and how they might affect test performance. Ask for testing accommodations if needed.

Ask your children’s teachers and principal…

  • About grade level expectations for your children.
  • How you can help your children learn at home.
  • About the tests your children take including the knowledge and skills that are tested and how the test results will be used to help your children be successful.
  • How you can help support your children’s education at home.