Elementary District Writing Assessment

Elementary District Writing Assessment Plan:

  • 2 Performance Tasks per Year
    • 1st Task (Fall): The first writing assessment is embedded into the completion of the “Launching Writer’s Workshop” unit for all grade levels. Use as an instructional teaching tool to scaffold students into the writing process. Teach/use Oregon Scoring Guide.
    • 2nd Task (embedded in DDSD Forward Curriculum Maps – usually found in Part 3 or Part 4): On Demand Independent Writing Assessment. Use for Work Sample (Input scores into Synergy)
      • Note:  The DWA is strictly assessing students’ writing skills (unlike the SBAC that assesses their reading and writing skills simultaneously).  Therefore, reading the articles are encouraged so students can access the text.
  • Synergy Tutorial:

Writing Prompts:

Purpose of Writing Timeline for Administering Assessment  (embedded in DDSD Forward Curriculum Maps)
Kindergarten Opinion:  Best Pet

DWA Scored Samples w/ Rationale

Part 4 Week 6
1st Grade Informative/Explanatory:  Habitats

DWA Scored Samples w/ Rationale* Prompt from ’15-16

Part 4 Week 6
2nd Grade Informative/Explanatory:  Water Conservation

DWA Scored Samples w/ Rationale* Prompt from ’15-16

Part 3 Week 7
3rd Grade Informative/Explanatory:  Dental Health

Part 3 Week 1
4th Grade Informative/Explanatory:  Animal Habitats

Part 3 Week 3
5th Grade Opinion:  Service Animals

Part 3 Week 1

Scores Input into Synergy:

Scores for the 2nd Task need to be input no Synergy no later than:

  • K-1 by second week of June
  • Grade 2 by third week of April
  • Grades 3-5 by first week of April