Opting Out of State Testing

Parents/guardians who wish to exempt their child from state tests in 2018-19 need to contact their child’s school for the States Assessment Opt-Out Forms. 

OAKS Science/ELPA21 :

OAR 581-022-1910 allows parents/guardians to request that the district excuse their student from state testing based on either a disability or a religious belief.  This rule for requesting exemption (opt-out) from state testing must be completed annually and applies to: OAKS Science, ELPA21, Kindergarten Assessment, and Extended Assessments.

SMARTER Balanced Mathematics and English Language Arts:

House Bill 2655 allows parents to opt-out of Smarted Balanced in English Language Arts and/or Math for any reason using a state developed Opt-Out Form. This rule for opt-out of state testing must be completed annually.