This calendar has all the pay dates cutoff deadlines for time cards and PR4’s for end of month and mid month payrolls.

2023-24 Payroll Calendar

Payroll Contacts

Licensed Payroll Analyst, Ext. 8248

Mary Truchot

Classified Payroll Analyst, Ext. 8218

Kathryn Barnhart

TCP Building Assignments – GH, GP, MN, AO, HS, FR, Nutrition

Payroll Specialist, Ext. 8256

Kathy Woodburn

TCP Building Assignments – CP, ML, WP, RR, Transportation, SP/CTP, DO

Payroll Specialist, Ext. 8274

Katie Sweeney

TCP Building Assignments – EB, VP, LP, FL, Custodians, Maintenance, MECP

Financial Systems Manager, Ext. 8215

Paul Rodeman


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