Communications, Family and Community Partnerships

Our Services

Our department facilitates Communications, Family Engagement and Community Partnerships for the David Douglas School District.

We also provide communication and publication services. This includes community and media relations, website and social media management, graphic design and internal printing services.

Meet Our Team

To call a staff member:

Dial by extension: Call 503-256-6500 and enter the 4 digit extension
To reach the District Office reception desk: Call 503-252-2900

Aidé Juárez Valerio

Portrait of Aidé Valerio-Juarez

Director of Communications,
Family Engagement, and Strategic Partnerships
Languages: Spanish
503-261-8229 Ext. 8229
Media inquiries and community flyer
approval point of contact

Cassy Wood

Portrait of Cassy Wood outside

Family and Community
Partnerships Coordinator
Languages: Conversational Vietnamese
503-261-8249 Ext. 8249
Multilingual Liaisons, family engagement
and community partnerships contact

TD McCullum

Family Engagement Specialist
503-256-6500 Ext. 8100

Heather Miller

Family Engagement Specialist
503-256-6500 Ext. 8099

Laura Gomez

Icon of generic portrait silhouette

Community Liaison – Spanish
Languages: Spanish
503-261-8244 Ext. 8244

Jay Courtney-Leocadio

Outdoor portrait of Jay Courtney Leocadio

Community Liaison – Spanish
Languages: Spanish and Portuguese
503-261-8375 Ext. 8375

Olga Fedotova

Icon of generic portrait silhouette

Community Liaison – Russian
Languages: Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Ukrainian
503-261-8397 Ext. 8397


Icon of generic portrait silhouette

Community Liaison
503-261-8277 Ext. 8277

Meghan (MJ) Jacinto

Portrait of MJ Jacinto outside

Communications Assistant
503-256-6500 Ext. 8242
Graphic design and social media

George Arias-Montero

Communications Assistant
Languages: Spanish
503-256-6500 Ext. 8204
DDSD websites and David Douglas
Educational Foundation contact

Adam Kappeler

Outdoor portrait of Adam Kappeler

Digital Media Specialist
503-256-6500 Ext. 8240
Videography point of contact

Christina Bruce

Outdoor portrait of Christina Bruce

District Switchboard Receptionist
503-252-2900 Ext. 8800
District mailings point of contact

Kyle Bruce

Outdoor portrait of Kyle Bruce

Print Shop Lead
503-256-6500 Ext. 8915

Brian Reichhoff

Outdoor portrait of Brian Reichhoff

Print Shop
503-256-6500 Ext. 8972