Before and After School Programs

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SUN stands for Schools Uniting Neighborhoods. The purpose of SUN Community Schools is to retain and support students by using the school as a community center and service delivery site before and after school, evenings, on weekends and during the summer. The SUN CS Lead Agency is the non-school entity that works with the principal and other school leadership at a given SUN CS school site to develop a collaborative partnership and deliver SUN CS services.

Visit the DDSD SUN webpage for site coordinators and information 


Fall 2023 Enrollment is open now!!! Visit the Champions website to register online. Fall 2023 Champions Flyer

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Champions has a great solution for busy working families, before and after school enrichment programs right inside your school! A variety of group and individual activities are designed to keep your child exploring and growing. From art, dramatic play, music, motor skills, and problem-solving, to science, technology, language, math, and homework assistance, we help your child continue learning and developing essential life skills – whether school is in session or not. Champions is proud to be awarded corporation accreditation from AdvancED, a global leader in advancing excellence in education through accreditation.

Champions Offers

  • Before & after school programs beginning before school at 6:30 am, and after school until 6:00 pm on school days
  • All day sessions on non-school days
  • Winter Break, Spring Break, and summer camp programs are open to all families – even those who don’t attend Champions during the week.
  • Champions is State Licensed and accepts DHS subsidy

Program Locations

  • Cherry Park Elementary
  • Gilbert Park Elementary
  • Gilbert Heights Elementary
  • Menlo Park Elementary
  • Ventura Park Elementary


Visit the Champions website to register online.


Customer Care

For assistance, to enroll or to learn more about Champions call Customer Care at 1-800-246-2154

Area Manager

Tera Price