Employees ParentSquare FAQ

Below are questions employees frequently ask about ParentSquare (PSq)

How do employees members create a ParentSquare Account?

All permanent DDSD employees automatically have a ParentSquare account. It is generated when ParentSquare syncs with the DDSD employee database. Employees will receive email messages sent to staff via ParentSquare even if they don’t activate their account. But account activation allows users to customize how they receive messages. Employees who need to send communications through PSq must activate their account. See the next question for account activation instructions.

How do I activate my ParentSquare employee account?

Employees can activate their ParentSquare account with their DDSD email address. To do so visit parentsquare.com/signin (or use the ParentSquare app) and follow the prompts to activate your account.

How do I correct/update my phone number in ParentSquare?

ParentSquare accounts use an employee’s DDSD email address and the personal phone number HR has on file. If an employee’s phone number has changed or is incorrect, the update needs to be made in the employee database. To do so, sign into the IV Portal, navigate to “Self Service” and choose “Address Change. There you can modify your phone number and other contact information. Please always enter your primary number in the “Home” field. Changes are not instant. HR needs to process these changes. Once they have, ParentSquare will reflect the changes within a few days.

My email is correct in ParentSquare. Why am I not receiving emails?

Please check your email spam folder to see if any ParentSquare messages ended up there. If that is the case, mark them as “Not Spam.” ParentSquare users can customize how they prefer to receive communications. Review “Notification Settings” under “My Account” to check if emails are turned off.

Do I have to use ParentSquare on my smartphone?

No, from a computer you can navigate to https://www.parentsquare.com/signin and do all of the same ParentSquare activities.

How do I find the ParentSquare app?

On your phone, the app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play by searching “ParentSquare”.

I am a DDSD parent and staff member. I no longer want one login for my PSq parent and staff accounts. How do I unmerge them?

When a user has their parent and staff accounts linked under one login they can be unmerged. ParentSquare needs to take care of this request.

I am an employee who sends communications to families. How to I look up how many recipients received and viewed a Post I sent?

You can view email, text, and app notification delivery statistics for a post. This allows you to see which email or cell phone numbers are failing, along with who opened the post and in which language they received it. To look up this information, open your posts feed in PSq and click the “x Notified” number at bottom of post.

For step-by-instructions and more details about this topic, please view the ParentSquare help article: View Delivery Statistics for a Post help article

How do I access ParentSquare help resources?

Users can quickly find answers while logged into their PSq account. From the ParentSquare website, click on the question mark symbol at the top of the page, for a menu of help resources. To access this menu from the ParentSquare app, click the 3 line symbol in the top left corner of the screen and select help.

Help Articles (Help Topics):

Click Help Articles to access a vast library of step-by-step instructions. Use the search bar to find the subject you’re looking for or browse the help pages.

Request Help

To request help, select your preferred form of communication: email, chat or phone call.

How does our school give classroom access to a long term sub?

Users with school admin permissions (e.g. principals, office staff) can setup this access for long term subs.

First, your long term sub needs to manually be added to your staff. The sub isn’t a part of the automated data sync (permanent staff data populate from the HR database).

From the ParentSquare dashboard, click “Admin” at the top of the screen and then staff on the left side menu bar. Click the “Add staff button and choose the “Add staff manually” option.

When manually entering your sub’s info, use their work email and their personal cell number. Once you’ve done this step your sub can activate their PS account using their work email (in the register field on the Psq login page). Using their cell allows them to receive communications sent to staff. Phone numbers to families or other PSq users.

Second, after your long term sub has been added to your school’s staff list, follow the steps in the Add Teacher, Room Parent or Teacher Assistant to a Class guide to add them to the correct classroom.