Digital Program Request Overview


David Douglas provides educators and students with a wide-variety of digital curriculum programs and applications to support core subject and supplemental instruction, address educational standards, and that support our District vision. The District EdTech Committee regularly reviews supplemental digital curriculum programs for quality instructional content, alignment to standards, student equity, and student data privacy protections.

Educators in David Douglas are asked to submit a review request for school-based supplemental digital programs they would like to use with their students to ensure that the program meets District standards. This includes any app, digital program, or web page that offers  “Sign in with Google” functionality.

Approved Digital Programs

Please click this link to see the full list of Approved programs, programs In Review, and Declined programs

Digital Program Request

Educators and staff who would like to use a digital program with students that are not part of District-approved options should submit the program to the EdTech Committee for review and approval (see Digital Program Request Overview Slides – DDSD Staff only). The EdTech Committee reviews curriculum for essential elements such as:

  • Alignment to core curriculum
  • Alignment to state standards
  • Accessibility and feedback features for students
  • Alignment with our DDSD Equity Lens
  • Protection of student data and compliance with privacy laws such as FERPA

Please fill out the request form below for school-managed supplemental digital programs:

Digital Program Request Google Form – DDSD Staff Only