Standard Elementary Report Cards

Performance Levels

The Report Card Work Group—in collaboration with elementary teachers, principals, and parents developed the standards-based elementary report card.  The new report card aligns to Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  A standards-based report card highlights the most important skills students need to learn in each subject at a particular grade level. In our elementary school learning environment, students receive marks that report student progress toward meeting content standards. There are 4 Academic Performance levels:

Proficiency Scale:

4ProficientThe student consistently demonstrates mastery of the grade level standards.  Evidence shows ability to   apply concepts in a variety of contexts.
3Approaching ProficiencyThe student is able to demonstrate partial understanding of the grade level standards.  Student still   produces evidence that may often contain errors.
2Minimal ProficiencyThe student is not demonstrating understanding of the grade level standards.  Student produces  evidence that is significantly below grade level.
1Insufficient Evidence Towards ProficiencyThere is lack of evidence to determine proficiency of the grade level standards.
NANot ApplicableThe standard was not addressed this semester or the student was not enrolled long enough to   accurately assess.

Report Cards 

English Grade Level Report Cards:

Pre-K report card – English
Kindergarten report card – English
1st Grade report card – English
2nd Grade report card – English
3rd Grade report card – English
4th Grade report card – English
5th Grade report card – English

Chinese Grade Level Report Cards:

Pre-K report card – Chinese
Kindergarten report card – Chinese
1st Grade report card – Chinese
2nd Grade report card – Chinese
3rd Grade report card – Chinese
4th Grade report card – Chinese
5th Grade report card – Chinese

Russian Grade Level Report Cards:

Pre-K report card – Russian
Kindergarten report card – Russian
1st Grade report card – Russian
2nd Grade report card – Russian
3rd Grade report card – Russian
4th Grade report card – Russian
5th Grade report card – Russian

Spanish Grade Level Report Cards:

Pre-K report card – Spanish
Kindergarten report card – Spanish
1st Grade report card – Spanish
2nd Grade report card – Spanish
3rd Grade report card – Spanish
4th Grade report card – Spanish
5th Grade report card – Spanish

Somali Grade Level Report Cards:

Pre-K report card – Somali
Kindergarten report card – Somali
1st Grade report card – Somali
2nd Grade report card – Somali
3rd Grade report card – Somali
4th Grade report card – Somali
5th Grade report card – Somali

Vietnamese Grade Level Report Cards:

Pre-K report card – Vietnamese
Kindergarten report card – Vietnamese
1st Grade report card – Vietnamese
2nd Grade report card – Vietnamese
3rd Grade report card – Vietnamese
4th Grade report card – Vietnamese
5th Grade report card – Vietnamese

Elementary Report Card Parent’s Guides:

Report Card Parent’s Guide – English
Report Card Parent’s Guide – Spanish
Report Card Parent’s Guide – Chinese
Report Card Parent’s Guide – Vietnamese
Report Card Parent’s Guide – Russian
Report Card Parent’s Guide – Somali