New Teacher Mentoring

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The mission of the David Douglas School District Mentoring Program is to ensure continuous high quality instruction for students through the coaching, support, and retention of beginning educators.

Impact of Mentoring

  • To increase student achievement, especially among historically underserved student populations
    • Always student centered.  Our ultimate goal is to impact student learning through the ongoing development of inspired, well trained, and highly skilled teachers.  We know learning increases when teacher practice is fostered and supported by dedicated  instructional coaches.
  • To improve and accelerate teacher performance
  • To instill the professional norms of collaboration, ongoing learning, and accountability for the next generation of DDSD educators
  • Retention of  highly skilled educators and increase job satisfaction


DDSD mentors utilize research based strategies and formative assessment tools to coach first and second year educators  and support them on the path to professional growth. Participating teachers engage in weekly ongoing job-embedded professional development and participate in monthly professional development sessions aligned with teacher needs and responsibilities.

  • Targeted Observation and Debrief 
  • Learning Lab Observations
  • Goal Setting 
  • Co-Teaching 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Lesson Planning 
  • Grading and Assessment 
  • Managing Classroom Systems and Routines 
  • Engagement Strategies 
  • Student Talk Routines 
  • Evaluation 
  • Time Management 
  • Navigating District Systems 
  • Restorative Practices 
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices 
  • ENVOY Strategies 
  • Learning Targets 
  • Conference Preparation 


NameEmail AddressPhone
Abby 252-2900 ext. 4534
Kevin 252-2900 ext. 5625
Megan 262-4606

ODE Mentor Standards