Elementary Title I Letter

David Douglas School District No 40

Annual Parent Notice

Schoolwide Title I Information


Dear Parent or Guardian:

All elementary schools in the David Douglas School District are designated schoolwide Title I schools. This means that federal Title I funds are used to improve instructional programs for disadvantaged students. Our district focus is ensuring every student is reading at grade level by the third grade. Research has shown that data from third grade state assessments are directly correlated to high school graduation rates. The schoolwide approach is based on a system of support serving all students. Each student in David Douglas receives 90 minutes of effective, rigorous instruction using Pearson Forward Reading curriculum, which is focused on grade level goals. Using standardized screening assessments, students are identified as needing extra support in reading. Those students receive add-on services in addition to the 90-minute core. This will occur during a 30-minute Intervention Block, which includes evidence-based reading intervention. A Highly Qualified Teacher, Specialist, and/or Instructional Assistant will deliver intervention services.

In addition to schoolwide Title I services to students, all elementary school buildings will provide parents with opportunities to review and give input toward School Improvement Plans, policies, and school-parent-student compacts. This communication will address the following components:

  • Providing rigorous, effective instruction in reading, writing, math, and behavior by highly qualified teachers and staff;
  • Offering high-quality, ongoing professional development;
  • Creating strategies to increase parental involvement as well as including parentfeedback and input into all policies and improvement plans;
  • Implementing district systems to ensure that students who experience difficultyattaining proficiency receive effective, timely, additional assistance; and
  • Ensuring that plans are reviewed on an on-going basis and revised when necessary.Parents have the right to request their child’s performance levels on statewide assessments and standardized screening assessments. Please contact your child’s classroom teacher or building principal for this information. Parents also have the right to request information regarding their child’s teacher’s qualifications. If you have questions or concerns about this or our District Policy and Programs, please feel free to contact your building principal and/or:
    • Ken Richardson Superintendent 503-261-8201
    • Candy Wallace, Assistant Superintendent 503-261-8205
    • Brooke O’Neill, Director of Curriculum and Instruction 503-261-8228
    • Elise Hall, Title I/Language Arts Administrator 503-261-8219

It is the district’s highest priority to provide each student with the necessary skills to be successful throughout their school experience, as well as prepared to enter college or career upon graduation. We are committed to high expectations for students and staff in order to meet these goals. We look forward to working with all parents, guardians, and family members to create the most effective school experience for all students in the David Douglas community.


Ken Richardson, Superintendent


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