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DDSD Town Hall

About the Series

This year, our Equity Department will be conducting Town Hall interviews with each of our David Douglas schools in alignment with our DDSD Equity Plan. 

These interviews provide a platform for students, caregivers and staff to share what equity looks like in their school. Additionally, they have the opportunity to expand on their current and future equity goals.

Our District Strategic Plan Focus area 1 is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Read our District Strategic Plan to review our action steps and dedication to equity in our district:

During the 2020-21 school year, while enduring a global pandemic, the members of our Racial Equity Committee persevered to meet the mission set forth on behalf of the students, families, and community of the David Douglas School District.   

Based on the collective input and feedback from various stakeholders, the presented David Douglas Racial Equity Plan was built on the following commitments.

Our Equity Plan Commitments:

  • Commitment One – Student Achievement
  • Commitment Two – Student Discipline
  • Commitment Three – Systems Accountability
  • Commitment Four – Workplace Policies 

To read more in-depth about these commitments, view our entire Equity Plan here.


Season 2

Click the video players below to watch the most recent episodes of season 2. Or follow the link provided to view the whole season. Check back periodically for the release of more episodes throughout the 2022-23 school year.

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Season 1

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