Empty middle school hallway with blue lockers

Long Range Facility Planning

What are our future facility needs? What building repairs, improvements and replacements are needed moving forward to provide our students with the best possible education as we head into the middle of the 21st Century

The David Douglas School District is currently planning for its future on two fronts: 1) We are developing a 5-6 year Strategic Plan to lay out our priorities and goals for the near future, and 2) We are creating a long-range facility plan to protect and extend the lives of our existing buildings, and to replace or build new facilities to meet our long-term future needs.

This page focuses on our Long Range Facility Plan.

David Douglas School District has been working with DLR Group Architecture & Planning for the purposes of facilitating a long-range facility planning process. This effort is being led by Karen Montovino, who is an assessor and planner certified by the Oregon Department of Education. This process began February of 2020 with interviews and surveys of staff throughout the district. Then a Facility Planning Committee was formed and consists of several community members, board members and district staff to review the data and come to a consensus on a ten year long-range facility plan. 

Through a series of four workshops between May and October of this year, the committee has reviewed existing conditions of each school in the district, looked at cost estimates to repair and/or replace schools as well as look at prioritizing repairs based on need and proposed overall budget. This is all so the committee can prepare and present a long-range facility plan for approval to the David Douglas School Board at the end of this year. Consistent topics that have been considered are:

Facilities Planning Committee during building tours. This photo pictures 6 committee members viewing a high school classroom.
The Facilities Planning Committee touring DDSD buildings
  • Provide Early Learning throughout the district,
  • Capital Improvements to expand life of existing facilities
  • Provide dedicated spaces for student educational specialty services
  • Master plan of the high school with a phased plan for replacement.
  • Provide CTE curriculum at the high school
  • Long term replacement strategies for aging facilities

The Committee has been looking at cost estimates for renovations, new construction and capital improvements to better determine the best plan forward for David Douglas School District. Currently the District is working with a polling consultant to create a poll to get feedback on the proposed plan to further mold the final Long-range Facility Plan. Additional information will be provided to the community to provide additional feedback.