Moda Health for OEBB Members – 2018/19 Benefit Year

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  • Moda offerings for OEBB members: Click here

  • 2018/19 Moda Benefit Brochure Click Here

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    and  determine whether your medical provider takes the Moda CCM (Synergy) or PPO (Connexus) coverage that you are interested in.

    • For Moda Medical, under the network box select either Connexus (PPO) or Synergy (CCM)

  • What has changed for 2018/19? Click Here

 Information about Moda CCM (Synergy) Plans and selecting a Medical Home:

Medical Home

If you are considering the Moda CCM plan, please take the time and use your due diligence to make sure your current providers take this Network. This network does not work like the PPO (Connexus) Network. This network works more like Kaiser or a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plan.
      Information about the High Deductible Health Plan, Moda Evergreen
  • 3 minute video about the Moda High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), Evergreen. The District partners with American Fidelity Assurance for the Health Savings Account (HSA). Please contact Stefanie Edenburn if you have enrolled in the (HDHP) and she will assist you with setting up an HSA.
  • Another 2 minute video about High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) and Health Savings Account (HSA):
  • Information for the HDHP through Moda.  Moda Plan H for the 2015/16 plan year is known as Moda Evergreen plan for 2016/17 plan year.

      Videos on Moda Medical
  • 4 minute video explains the changes to the Moda Medical Plan for 2016/17 year, explains the new plan names, the difference between the Synergy and PPO, pharmacy benefits

      Interested in taking your Moda Medical Health Assessment ?