PEER Preschool Program

Multnomah Early Childhood Program

MECP's PEER Preschool Program

Program Information

Multnomah Early Childhood Program has a PEER program for children three to five years of age. This is an integrated preschool for children with identified learning challenges and their non-disabled peers.

PEERS have the option of coming 4 days a week, 2.45 hours each day, in the morning or in the afternoon. The cost to attend is $32 per month on a sliding scale.

Informational Flyers

Letter to Parents

How to Apply

To apply for the MECP PEER Preschool Program, please follow these steps:

STEP 1: Please review the Parent Informational Packet

STEP 2: Fill out the online application

If you are unable to fill out the application online above, you can fill out the fillable application form located below and email it to us at:

STEP 3 (Final step): Complete the PEER Payment and PEER Household Income Forms

Fill out and sign the PEER Payment Form & the PEER Household Income Survey Form below and mail it to us at: MECP, 5208 NE 122nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97230. Once we receive these 2 forms, your application process is complete.

PEER Payment Form
PEER Household Income
Please note:

Children can not start in the MECP PEER preschool program until the PEER Payment Form & the PEER Household Income Survey Form have been signed and mailed in.