Transition to Kindergarten

Multnomah Early Childhood Program

Register your 5 year old for Kindergarten

  • Don’t forget to register your 5-year-old for school by June! Visit for information on how to register. If you don’t know your school district, you can call 211 or text “MYSCHOOL” or “MIESCUELA” to 898211 to find out.
  • It’s time to register 5-year olds for kindergarten! To find out your school district, call 211 or text “MYSCHOOL” or “MIESCUELA” to 898211. To learn more, visit
  • Register your 5-year-old for kindergarten by June! Registration information can be found at Need help identifying your school district? Call 211 or text “MYSCHOOL” or “MIESCUELA” to 898211

 For more information:

Register for Kindergarten Information in Multiple Languages can be found here.