Meal Service

To Go Meals

Summer Meals

DDSD has FREE to-go breakfast & lunch sacks for the summer!

June 18 – September 3

Monday – Friday
10:00 am – 11:00 am

(No Service Monday, July 5th)

FREE meals for ages 1–18

At the following schools throughout the summer:
Ventura Park Elementary, 145 SE 117th Ave, 97216
South High School, 1500 SE 130th Ave, 97233
Ron Russell Middle School, 3955 SE 112th Ave, 97266
Alice Ott Middle School, 12500 SE Ramona St, 97236

Summer pick up information is available in other languages here.

For questions, please email

Food Delivery Options

The following resources are also available:

Fun activity sheets are available for all students.

Activity Sheets

April 1-3, 2021April 5-10, 2021April 12-17, 2021April 19-24, 2021
Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Carrots
DYI Weather Barometer
3-Ingredient Applesauce

DYI Rain Shadow
Celebrating Oranges
Broccoli Basics
The Digestive System
Find that Sign Travel Game
Build an Aqueduct
Celebrating Cucumbers
Chocolate Acorns
Egg Basics
Dusting for Fingerprints
Unpoppable Balloon
MyPlate Maze
Celebrating Parsnips
Carrot Cake Oatmeal
Sky Watcher
Paintbrush-looking Franks
Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt
April 26-May 1, 2021May 3-8, 2021May 10-15, 2021May 17-22, 2021
Tree Maze
Celebrating Cauliflower
How to Draw a Polar Bear
Popsicle Stick Gnome
Cardboard Tube Kazoo
Rock City Maze
Plant Maze
Science Party Pizza
Ice Cream Word Search
Squawking Soundboards
Forming Fossils
Alien Maze
Rainbow Maze
What a Seed Needs
Garden Plant Coloring Page
Word Scramble
Science Party Candy Rope
Jellyfish Maze
Octopus Maze
Nature Bingo
Jello Pond Treat
Strength of Spider Webs
Plankton Challenge
Mouse Maze
May 24-29, 2021June 1-5, 2021June 7-12, 2021June 14-19, 2021
Cupcake Maze
Sweet Potato Tater Tots Recipe
Food I-Spy
Puppy Word Game
School Fun Placemat
Circle Maze
Numbers Maze
Science Petri Dish Jell-O
Follow the ABCs
Build a Bridge
Gravity Bowl
Circles Maze
Apple Maze
Fruit Kabobs Recipe
Art Class Word Game
Cloud in a Jar
Rising Reactions
Statue Maze
Bee Maze
Doodle Cake Pops
Social Emotional Teen Workbook
Dog Speed Test
Learning Activities for Children
Shark Maze


More Fun Resources
Grow Portland
OMSI at home
The Oregon Zoo
The Vancouver Aquarium
The Oregon Coast Aquarium