What is Regular Attendance?

Regular attendance means:

  • Having an attendance rate of 90% or higher
  • Missing less than 16 days ALL YEAR. It also basically means missing 2 or fewer days every month.

Either way you measure it, that’s not many days at all!

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Categories used to understand the level of concern:

Green Zone

This represents the regular zone for student attendance. Research shows that students who maintain an attendance rate of 90% or higher are in the safest and most successful attendance category. Maintain a 90% attendance rate and you are on the road to graduation!

Yellow Zone

This represents an attendance range below the safe threshold. Students whose attendance rates are between 80-89% are identified as Chronically Absent. Students who are in this attendance category are at an increased risk of dropping out of high school and have a more difficult time graduating from high school.

Red Zone

This is our most concerning zone. Students whose attendance rates are at 79% or below miss so much instruction and so much practice that they are the most likely to fall far behind their peers in their academic work. Students in this category are identified as Severely Chronically Absent. Students with attendance rates in this category have the highest rates of dropping out.