David Douglas School Counselors are present in each school to help your child succeed emotionally and academically. Counselors are often the first point of contact for any issues your child might be experiencing such as attendance or behavioral issues, and are able to help connect your family to resources such as the Clothes Closet and McKinney-Vento Act (Homeless) services.

Cherry Park Jessica Polledri 503-256-6501 ex.3380
Earl Boyles Christine McHone 503-256-6554 ex.8109
Gilbert Heights Kim Anderson 503-256-6502 ex.5117
Gilbert Park Dina Soriano 503-256-6531 ex.1688
Lincoln Park Hannah Snyder 503-256-6504 ex.4515
Menlo Park Shaun Orchard 503-256-6506 ex.4913
Mill Park Mary Kelly 503-256-6507 ex.4814
Ventura Park Jennifer Colson 503-256-6508 ex.4893
West Powellhurst Jasper Onuoha 503-256-6509 ex.3350
Alice Ott Steven Benner 503-256-6510 ex.8606
Alice Ott Alicia Wendler 503-256-6510 ex.8662
Floyd Light Sean Betker 503-256-6511 ex.8317
Floyd Light Samantha Charles 503-256-6511 ex.8741
Ron Russell Jenn Bolser 503-256-6519 ex.5676
Ron Russell Caitlin Ludlow 503-256-6519 ex.5615
DDHS Grace Carter 503-261-8807 ex.8259
DDHS Sarah Hunt 503-261-8807 ex.8319
DDHS Shawna Myers 503-261-8807 ex.8320
DDHS Zachary Pace 503-261-8807 ex.8349
DDHS Candace Ruscitti 503-261-8807 ex.8321
DDHS Sabrina Sommer 503-261-8807 ex.8351
DDHS Kagan Young 503-261-8807 ex.8370
Fir Ridge Katie Amos 503-256-6530 ex.8102
Fir Ridge Sonya Barker 503-256-6530 ex.3411

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