Health Assistants

Each elementary school has a health assistant to help students with medical needs.

  • Dispensing medication
  • Helping with cuts and scrapes
  • Checking for Head-lice
  • Calling home when children are sick
  • Working with the designated school nurse on more serious issues.

School Health Assistants

SchoolNamePhone Number
Cherry ParkNadia Feytser503-256-6501 ex. 5168
Earl BoylesCindy Banh503-256-6554 ex. 8142
Gilbert HeightsEleasha Tryon503-256-6502 ex. 5202
Gilbert ParkKristy Burks503-256-6531 ex. 5049
Lincoln ParkMelinda Pietersma503-256-6504 ex. 1785
Menlo ParkIdeara Sasao503-256-6506 ex. 8040
Mill ParkYolanda Espinoza503-256-6507 ex. 4822
Ventura ParkShantel Hadley503-256-6508 ex. 5281
West PowellhurstAnn Sloan503-256-6509 ex. 5072
Alice OttShannan Cavin503-256-6510 ex. 8657
Floyd LightAna Olmos503-256-6511 ex. 8723
Ron RussellAlexandra Weitzman503-256-6519 ex. 5619
DDHS – NorthPaige Virkelyst503-261-8300 ex. 8764
DDHS – SouthJessica Pidgeon503-261-8300 ex. 1715

Head Lice Information: