Assistive Technology is specialized equipment used to increase a student’s independence. Students may be able to benefit from using one or all of the following types of technology. These lists are not all inclusive. A team may review the lists to help identify AT tools and strategies that a student already uses.


• Changes in text size, spacing, color, background
• Book adapted for page turning
• Use of pictures with text
• Talking device to speak unknown words
• Single word scanners
• Talking word processor with electronic text
• Electronic books


• Enlarged math worksheets
• Alternatives for explaining answers
• Money calculator
• Talking watches/ clocks
• Talking calculator
• Calculator with large display
• On-screen/scanning calculator
• Math software


• Eye glasses
• Large print books
• Magnifier
• Screen magnifier
• Magnification software
• Color contrast
• Screen reader/ text reader
• Braille materials
• Alternative keyboard .. Braille keyboard and note taker

Writing (motor aspects)

• Variety of pencils and pens
• Pencil/pen adaptive grip
• Raised line paper
• Prewritten words/ phrases
• Templates
• Portable word processor
• Computer with word processing
• Word prediction
• Voice recognition software

Computer Aspects

• Keyboard with accessibility options
• Word prediction
• Abbreviation/expansion
• Keyguard
• Alternative mouse
• Alternative keyboard
• Switch with scanning
• Voice recognition software


• Written messages
• Portable word processor
• Closed captioning
• Real Time captioning
• Computer aided note taking
• Phone amplifier
• Hearing aid
• FM or loop system
• Infrared system

Writing Composition

• Word cards, word wall
• Personalized dictionary
• Writing templates
• Speaking spell checker
• Talking word processor

Word Prediction

• Abbreviation/expansion
• Organizational software
• Print or picture schedule
• Color coding of materials
• Highlighted text
• Voice output reminders for tasks, tests, etc
• Electronic organizers


• Communication boards with pictures or objects
• Picture communication books
• Picture Exchange Communication System
• Single switch voice output devices
• Simple direct selection voice output devices
with or without levels
• Dynamic display voice output devices
• Voice output devices with icon sequencing