SUN stands for Schools Uniting Neighborhoods. The purpose of SUN Community Schools is to retain and support students by using the school as a community center and service delivery site before and after school, evenings, on weekends and during the summer. The SUN CS Lead Agency is the non-school entity that works with the principal and other school leadership at a given SUN CS school site to develop a collaborative partnership and deliver SUN CS services.

SUN CS core service categories include:

  • Academic Support and Skill Development (for youth and adults)
  • Family Engagement/Involvement
  • Community and Business Involvement
  • Service Integration (including linkages to bring in health, mental health and social services to meet the school’s needs)
  • Site Management

All of our schools have SUN programs, please contact the SUN Site Coordinator for your child’s school to learn about program dates and opportunities.

Cherry Park Heather Mackris 503-902-8766
Earl Boyles Erika Hernandez 503-528-4059
Gilbert Heights Mark Jesus Quemada 971-386-3988
Gilbert Park Natasha Threatts 503-577-2159
Lincoln Park Chloee Timmons   503-560-6894
Menlo Park Gina DeFalco 971-340-6276
Mill Park Jamie Flowers 971-340-6221
Ventura Park Alex Freeman 503-841-3582
West Powellhurst Lena Fox 503-902-8768
Alice Ott Alex Rivera 503-256-6500 ex.6510
Floyd Light Erika Mosqueda 503-256-6500 ex.8744
Ron Russell Anthony Zafra 503-256-6500 ex.5641
DDHS Nicole Senders 503-262-4431