Tiered Support: PBIS/iPBIS

Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

A Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is a data-driven, problem-solving framework to improve outcomes for all students. MTSS relies on a continuum of evidence-based practices matched to student needs. PBIS is an example of MTSS centered on social behavior.

Three Tiers of Support

MTSS emerged as a framework from the work conducted in public health emphasizing three tiers of prevention. Schools apply this model as a way to align to academic, behavioral, social, and emotional supports to improve education for all students. It’s important to remember these tiers refer to levels of support students receive, not to students themselves.

Student Behavior Specialists (SBS)

David Douglas Student Behavior Specialists are present in each elementary school to help your child succeed behaviorally. SBSes work with team members at each school to analyze behavior data, provide specific supports to students, and collaborate with building staff to support students.

SchoolNamePhone Number
Cherry ParkKathleen Lower503-256-6501 ex.
Earl Boyles Kayla Thomas-Walker 503-256-6554 ex.
Gilbert HeightsAmy Fennell 503-256-6502 ex.
Gilbert Park Jamie Voelker 503-256-6531 ex.
Lincoln Park Jennie Ferro 503-256-6504 ex.
Menlo ParkJennifer Dolton 503-256-6506 ex.
Mill ParkAmanda Fischer 503-256-6507 ex.
Ventura Park Andy DuPont 503-256-6508 ex.
West Powellhurst Loren Herrmann503-256-6509 ex.

Behavior support positions in middle schools and high schools vary. For questions about behavior support, please contact the school directly.