The Circuit

The words The Circuit; A David Douglas Staff Feedback Loop

Earlier this year, District staff had the opportunity to respond to a brief, pulse-check survey. The survey was designed to get general input about what the District does well, and where we need improvement.

An area that employees felt we could most improve is in listening to your input and acting on it. The Circuit is a direct response to that. It is not a newsletter. It is a two-way communication tool. While we will drop some updates around the edges, each monthly issue will be built around asking for your input on one, very specific issue or question via the Rapid Poll. Then the following month The Circuit will have a response to that feedback. We will summarize what we heard from you and communicate any actions that were taken as a result.

Check back at this page for continuous results and responses.

Current Circuit

The Publication

May 2021 Circuit

Rapid Poll Summary – COVID safety in District buildings

May 2021, first update
  • 171 total poll responses
  • Representation from all 18 buildings
  • 89% of responding staff feel safe inside our buildings
When asked (Question 3) what improvements can be made to keep buildings safe:
  • 39 total staff members selected better air circulation
  • 31 said improve social distancing
  • 25 people chose better mask enforcement
  • 17 said better safety training
  • 16 said more safety supplies
Regarding air circulation, on May 10 Patt Komar sent to all staff results of air flow studies of all buildings:

We have received the results for all our buildings which can be found on our website at:  Air Changes per Hour Study – David Douglas School District

We had 87 open-ended comments, with 36 of them essentially saying that protocols and staff are working well and people feel safe. The remaining 51 comments were spread among a couple dozen areas. We are categorizing these and forming responses to some of those that were repeated by multiple people.

This page will be updated as we prepare more responses to take action on these comments, and a summary will appear in the June publication of The Circuit, along with a new Rapid Poll.