DDSD HAPPY Wellness LogoThe David Douglas Wellness Committee is proud to announce that we received an OEA Choice Trust Employee Wellness Grant of  $75,000 to implement a robust employee wellness program over the next 3 years. The program will be named HAPPY (Healthy, Active, Passionate, Productive and “Your Best You!”).

HAPPY is a flexible and comprehensive employee wellness program designed to engage all of the District’s 1,525 employees and help them succeed in their ongoing health and wellness efforts.

David Douglas School District is committed to establishing a successful employee health and wellness program with the goal of creating a healthy culture for mind and body for all employees. This program is part of a larger, comprehensive approach to ensuring our employees are equipped with tools and support to be healthy and resilient and allow employees to thrive in a demanding work environment, be positive models of health for students, and ultimately foster student success.

The goals of the program are for employees to:

1) Participate in stress reduction/management activities

2) Participate in physical activity

3) Practice healthy eating

 Check out our new Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

Go to https://myrbh.com/, click on “I’m a Member.” and use “OEBB” as the access code.