Meal Prices

Due to Covid-19, no meals are being charged to kids 18 and younger through June 2021.

From House Bill 3454: All students with a status of paid are allowed to charge 1 lunch per day.
If you would prefer to not allow your student to charge any meals, please email 
or write to Nutrition Services, 2900 SE 122nd Ave, Portland Oregon, 97236.

Prices for 2020-2021 School Year

Breakfast All Grades
No Charge

Elementary: Paid = 2.95  Free through June 2021
Middle School: Paid = 3.25  Free through June 2021
High School: Paid = 3.25  Free through June 2021
Reduced = No Charge 

.50  (included with to-go meals)

Lunch = 4.25, No milk
Breakfast = 2.60, No milk

School MealTime Online

Make school lunch deposits, and manage cafeteria accounts at