David Douglas Historical Society

Welcome to the David Douglas Historical Society

The Historical Society officially disbanded the fall of 2016. These pages serve as a record of their history and contributions to the DDSD community.

The following defines and describes the David Douglas Historical Society’s mission and goals and our relationship with the David Douglas School District and the broader community:

1. To collect, preserve, maintain and exhibit the rich diverse multicultural and social history both pre and post unification of the David Douglas Multnomah County School District #40.

2. To educate constituents of the David Douglas School District community about the dynamic and historical developmental nature of our geographical area.

3. To support, encourage and participate in activities and events with other District Community organizations; governmental, public and private in collaborative efforts to facilitate, maintain, increase and sustain the historical and productive relationship among and between the constituents of the David Douglas community.

4. To encourage, support and participate with the diverse multicultural demographic population comprising School District #40 in developing understanding, identity and commitment to the District and Community in which they now reside.

By acknowledging these principles and learning from the past we create today’s processes for understanding of the present which become tomorrow’s history.