David Douglas School District Strategic Plan


Three photo collage: graduates visiting elementary students in hallway; student reading at a table with a volunteer, multicultural event check in table with students and community members

The David Douglas School Board has adopted a new strategic plan that will guide the District’s work over the next five years. The David Douglas Strategic Plan articulates our guiding principles and establishes and defines four focus areas that the District will prioritize through 2026.

The District spent the last year engaging with families, students, community members and staff to prioritize those focus areas and to create measurable goals for each. Of course, the overarching goal of the plan is student-centered: To provide every student with equitable and highly effective academic, social and emotional supports that enable each to Learn, Grow and Thrive as they move into their post-secondary lives.

The Process: Our community developed their focus areas using the guiding principles of ensuring safety and wellness, cultivating connections and relationships, centering on equity, and innovation.

A planning committee of staff, parents and consultants guided the year-long process. The District hosted two virtual community meetings, along with nine focus groups, allowing people to share their hopes and dreams for their students and the District. The focus groups included culturally specific groups, student groups, staff groups and parent/community groups. After gathering that input, and over 4 meetings, a community-based steering committee coalesced the feedback and data into a draft comprehensive strategic plan.

Following a review and discussion, the David Douglas School Board adopted the final Strategic Plan on March 11, 2021.

The Plan: Together, our community determined that to accomplish this ultimate, student-centered goal, the District must prioritize these four focus areas:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Communication and Family/Community Engagement
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Highly Effective Curriculum/Instruction focused on Equity and Empowerment

In addition to setting the four focus areas, our steering committee developed clear goals for each, as well as key performance indicators that can be measured to determine whether those goals are being met. To achieve these goals, multiple action items with timelines were spelled out beneath each focus area.

You can see and read the Strategic Plan here.

We thank our David Douglas community for participating in this process. This was truly a community project. Participants in this process included students, parents and guardians, teachers and support staff, community partner organizations, and our School Board members.