May 2022 Bond Measure

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Bond Delay

March 18, 2022

To Our David Douglas Community,

The David Douglas School Board voted this week to pull the District’s $150 million bond measure off the May 17 election ballot. The intent of the unanimous vote is to delay the bond measure vote until the November election.

In collaboration with consultants, the Board felt that current concerns and uncertainty around inflation levels, rising gas prices and the war in Ukraine made this Spring a bad time to request a tax measure from our community.

“We know so many in our district are feeling a sense of uncertainty arising from global events and changing economic conditions,” said School Board Chair Stephanie Stephens. “We believe moving the David Douglas School Bond from the May ballot to November will give our District more time to understand how these issues are impacting our community.”

While this is not the ideal time to bring a bond request to our community, the School Board made clear that this does not change the work and projects recommended in the District’s Long Range Facility Plan.

“We look forward to an even more robust engagement process this timeline allows,” Stephens said, “and the many ways we will be able to meaningfully engage the District’s youth, their families and our broader community on this critically important proposal for the current state of our buildings, the future of our schools, and the high quality education our kids deserve.”

The Board’s intent is to vote at a future meeting on a new resolution placing the bond measure on the Nov. 8 general election ballot. In addition to providing time to resolve current uncertainties, the delay also provides an opportunity for the District and Board to continue outreach to our community about the work and needs outlined in the proposed bond measure.

Bond Measure Details

To Our David Douglas School District community,

Should we rebuild David Douglas High School? Should we construct a new elementary school? What major renovations should we make to our existing schools?

The David Douglas School District is considering placing a capital construction bond measure on the ballot. The District’s Bond Development Committee – made up of residents, students, community partners, District staff and Board members – met five times this fall to decide what bond projects should be on the ballot for the May 17, 2022 primary election. 

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The committee developed a package based on the District’s 10-year Long Range Facility Plan.

The ballot measure will request the sale of General Obligation Bonds to cover the costs of the proposed projects. What is a General Obligation (G.O.) Bond? How and why are they used for major public construction projects?

Thank you,