COVID-19 Family Resources

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Visit our COVID-19 Vaccine Opportunities webpage to find vaccine information and locations.

Multnomah Student Health Centers

The Student Health Center (SHC) at David Douglas provides COVID-19 weekly vaccine clinics. Visit the SHC website for the current vaccine clinic schedule. Call 503-988-3554 for an appointment.  

COVID-19 vaccine clinics also are available weekly at other open Student Health Centers including Centennial, Franklin, Jefferson, McDaniel, Parkrose, Reynolds and Roosevelt high schools.

Student Health Centers are like having a doctor’s office at school. We offer convenient physical and mental health care services to all Multnomah County students ages 5-18. There are no out-of-pocket costs. The centers can also connect students and their families with community resources for food or help with medical insurance. For more, visit the Student Health Center website. Stay connected at Student Health Center Facebook and Student Health Center Instagram.

Covid-19 Guide for Youth and Families

View a Multnomah County toolkit that empowers youth and families to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking Care of Ourselves and Others: A COVID-19 Guide for Youth and Families


Emergency Dental Clinics – Medical Teams International – Scroll down the page to find upcoming Oregon locations.

COVID-19 Testing

Multnomah County Health Department

Visit the county’s website for COVID testing information and sites.

Rite Aid

Free testing at participating drive-thru locations. View Rite Aid Covid-19 testing information here


Free testing at participating locations. View Walgreens Covid-19 testing information here