Staff Directory

The staff directory lookup feature is no longer available. To contact a specific individual, please reach out to your student’s school for assistance.

Elementary Schools:

Cherry Park Elementary

503-256-6501 | Cherry Park Website

Earl Boyles Elementary

503-256-6554 | Earl Boyles Website

Gilbert Heights Elementary

503-256-6502 | Gilbert Heights Website

Gilbert Park Elementary

503-256-6531 | Gilbert Park Website

Lincoln Park Elementary

503-256-6504 | Lincoln Park Website

Menlo Park Elementary

503-256-6506 | Menlo Park Website

Mill Park Elementary

503-256-6507 | Mill Park Website

Ventura Park Elementary

503-256-6508 | Ventura Park Website

West Powellhurst Elementary

503-256-6509 | West Powellhurst Website

Public Charter School

Arthur Academy Charter School

503-252-3753 | Arthur Academy Website

Middle Schools:

Alice Ott Middle School

503-256-6510 | Alice Ott Website

Floyd Light Middle School

503-256-6511 | Floyd Light Website

Ron Russell Middle School

503-256-6519 | Ron Russell Middle School

District Office

Reception Desk


High Schools:

David Douglas High School

David Douglas High School Website
North Campus (Main Office)

South Campus

Fir Ridge Campus

503-256-6530 |Fir Ridge Campus Website