Student Handbooks

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Preschool Handbook (updated June 2017)

Kindergarten Handbook







Elementary School Handbook

English 2017-18

Spanish 2016-17

Russian 2016-17

Vietnamese 2016-17

Chinese 2016-17

Somali 2016-17

Funding for the translation of the Vietnamese, Chinese and Somali elementary handbooks was provided by a generous grant from the East Portland Action Plan.

Middle School Student Planner

Alice Ott Middle School 2017-18

Floyd Light Middle School 2017-18

Ron Russell Middle School 2017-18

High School Handbook

David Douglas High School Student Handbook 2017-18
Fir Ridge Campus Handbook 2017-18

Student Rights and Responsibility Handbook

This document is designed to be a reference for students and parents in order to help all learn and contribute to a positive, respectful environment in our David Douglas Schools:

Student Rights & Responsibility Handbook