Our Mission; Our Vision

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Over the past year, dozens of David Douglas educators came together to try to put into words who we are as a community and what we stand for as a school district. As a community of teachers and learners, what is our vision and mission? What do we believe? What are our core values?

This group from across the District met for three full days over the course of last school year asking themselves and answering these questions. Last spring, they offered a draft of what they had come up with to the entire District staff in the form of a survey.

Following some final refinement based on that survey, here is the result of this work. This is our Vision/Mission statement, a document we believe aligns our values with what we believe of our staff and students and crystalizes our purpose as a community of teachers and learners.

You will see a new tagline on our Douglas tree logo: ‘Learn + Grow + Thrive.’ More than any others, these words rose up from out of our vision and mission work.

Another document you may see as a result of this work is a color diagram that illustrates how our educational initiatives help us successfully achieve our vision and mission. As educators, these are the tools we use to ensure that our students, our families and our staff are truly able to learn, grow and thrive.

As you come into our schools and other buildings this fall, you will see these documents posted in hallways, classrooms and work rooms to serve as a constant reminder of who we are and why we are here. Every student has an unlimited capacity to learn. Every family is important and engaged. Every teacher is a change agent and coach, collaborating with colleagues to breathe life into our student achievement initiatives.

David Douglas provides meaningful, equitable opportunities for all to grow and thrive within supportive communities of learners.