Bus Route Information

How to Look Up Bus Route Information

(To view bus snow routes: scroll down to the next section)

Step 1:

Click here to login and to find your student’s bus information.  Please use your student’s login credentials that they use for CDL learning, which is your student’s ID and birthdate.  See the example below.

Sample screenshot of the login page where users enter their student ID and student date of birth

Step 2:

After you login, it will take you to a screen that has different tabs.  Hover over “Students” and choose “View My Students”.

Screenshot showing the menu options to choose. Students>View my Students.

Step 3:

You will be able to view your student’s name(s), school(s), and grade(s). Select the student you wish to view and you will see their route information, including the days that they are scheduled, their bus number, and the scheduled pickup time. 

Please note that times can vary based on traffic, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Snow Routes

Some bus stops in our district have designated snow routes. DDSD will announce when snow route are being used. Families living in those areas will follow the below snow routes. People who don’t live in these zones are to follow their normal bus route.