School Funding Call to Action

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Dear David Douglas Community,

Our State Legislature is entering the final weeks of its session. As things currently stand, the state is facing a K-12 education funding crisis. It is now that your voices must be heard in Salem in order to protect the educational integrity of our schools.

The David Douglas Budget Committee recently approved our proposed budget for 2017-18. Our Board of Directors will consider final adoption on June 1.

Our budget was based on the State providing $8.1 billion to K-12 education during the 2017-19, two-year biennium. This is inadequate. We had to reduce to get there, lowering our contingency fund, leaving vacant positions unfilled, and making dramatic cuts in our construction and maintenance budgets.

Yet currently, the State is proposing funding levels even lower than $8.1 billion. If the state’s budget comes in even lower, we will be making more cuts next year, including layoffs.

I am asking our local Legislators to fund education at least to $8.4 billion over the next two years. For David Douglas, this would represent a no-cuts budget, and keep us at our current service levels. We have not yet recovered from the massive cuts we made in 2010, in the wake of the great recession.

In order for us to fully recover to pre-2010 service levels, the state must provide at least $8.8 billion to K-12 education over the next two years. In order for the state to fund education at its own Quality Education Model, the Legislature would need to provide $9.9 billion. Right now, they are almost two billion dollars short of their own model for how much our education system must have to provide for the needs of all of our children.

This comes at a time when Oregon is enjoying one of the strongest economies in the nation. Imagine what will happen if our economy dips.

We are in a critical window right now for the future of Oregon’s K-12 system, and I am asking for your help to advocate for our kids and their own futures. Your State Legislators need to hear directly from you.

Please join us in reaching out to our Legislators to request they provide the funding we need to ensure the services and programs our students deserve.

Legislators who represent David Douglas are Michael Dembrow, Rod Monroe, Chuck Tomsen, Jeff Reardon, Barbara Smith Warner, Alissa Keny-Guyer, Deigo Hernandez, and Janelle Bynum.

Here are some key resources to assist in your advocacy efforts:

The Oregon Rising Take Action page, with easy email access to legislators.



Ken Richardson
David Douglas School District