District Family Survey Results

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During the month of November 2017, the David Douglas School District provided parents and guardians an opportunity to take our District Family Survey. Some 896 parents or guardians did.

We first want to thank all of our families who took this survey. We care about and respect what our families think and place a high value on getting feedback from all of our communities, including students, families and staff. We are paying attention to these results and will use them as we make decisions about the best ways to serve your students.

Survey Distribution

The survey was made available online in six different languages – English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Somali. The District sent emails to all families inviting participation in the survey and providing a link to it. Families who did not have email addresses in our system were mailed letters. Schools also had hard copies of the survey for families that preferred using paper and pencil.

The District presented the survey during family engagement meetings with some culturally specific groups, including communities of Somali, Nepali, Karen, Bhutanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Interpreters were on hand to help parents take the survey.

Surveys were also made available to parents and guardians during parent-teacher conferences.

Key Findings

Parents and guardians who chose to take the survey are generally very satisfied with the District and their children’s school. When given a positive statement about the District or their child’s school, the overwhelming majority of parents/guardians consistently selected “strongly agree” or “agree.”

Below are the six highest rated responses, as well the five lowest rated. These were identified based on statements receiving the highest percentage of “strongly agree” (SA) or “agree” (A) responses. Note that even the lowest ranked responses still had more than 85% of responses either Strongly Agree or Agree with the positive statement.

Highest rated:

  • “This school has adults who really care about students” (96.9% SA or A)
  • “Teachers at this school treat parents/families with respect” (96.7% SA or A)
  • “The Principal at this school treats all students with respect” (96.6% SA or A)
  • “I agree with the behavioral expectations as identified in the Student’s Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (96.2% SA or A)
  • “The Principal at this school treats all parents/families with respect” (96.1% SA or A)
  • “This school has clean and well maintained facilities and properties” (96.1% SA or A)

Lowest Rated:

  • “This school provides my child quality supports for their social or emotional needs” (only 87.8% SA or A)
  • “I am satisfied with the way this school upholds rules and expectations for all students” (only 87.8% SA or A)
  • “This school has a welcoming front office” (only 87.5% SA or A)
  • “This school provides instructional materials that reflect my child’s culture, ethnicity and identity” (only 86.1% SA or A)
  • “My child’s teachers and principals show me specific ways to be an active partner in educating my child” (only 85.9% SA or A)

Survey Results

To see complete survey results, click on the appropriate language links below. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can send an email to david_douglas@ddouglas.k12.or.us

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