Chamber Music Northwest: Music Education Access Program

Community  /  Students CMNW working with an elementary class

Chamber Music Northwest (CMNW), one of the nation’s leading chamber music presenters, is enriching the lives of David Douglas School Districts students through their innovative Music Education Access Program. CMNW has been working in partnership with Floyd Light Middle School for over two years and with Ventura Park Elementary for a year.

The Music Education Access Program at CMNW is an intensive music immersion experience with a goal of building students’ familiarity with music and facilitating a culture that includes the arts in everyday learning. In the last two years, this program has sponsored several school visits by world-renowned musicians including Dover Quartet, Verona Quartet, Miro Quartet and the Imani Winds.

Floyd Light Orchestra Director Monica Belzer describes the program experience: “It’s a pleasure to host musicians in the music classrooms so that students can be inspired, witness professionalism within music, and further convey the importance of perseverance. The small performance atmosphere creates a space where students are able to see the musicians as real people. It was great to witness students getting more comfortable asking questions and finding connections.”

CMNW also sponsored a field trip concert for 100 Floyd Light Orchestra students and family members to go be special guests at the Verona Quartet concert at Reed College during Winter 2018. After the concert, musicians and students mingled, took photos together, and basked in the glow of their new-found community.

This year Chamber Music Northwest began a new partnership with Ventura Park. Music Teacher Russ Kleiner had nothing but great things to say about the program.“The world can be a dark place, but there’s so much light and beauty in our kids, so much in music,” He says. “As music teachers, it is our responsibility to provide access, exposure, and love to the students we serve. Ventura Park has been incredibly fortunate to work with an organization who understands and supports this,” Kleiner said. “Our deepest thanks goes to Chamber Music Northwest for helping to inspire young minds and enhance lives through the power of music.”

Monica Belzer speaking at a presentation

Last February, Belzer, spoke at a benefit promoting the partnership between CMNW and David Douglas School District and advocated for the continuation of the CMNW program. CMNW and their Music Education Access Program will continue partnership with both schools. Thank you, CMNW, for making music and music education more accessible for everyone in our community.

Watch and learn more about this wonderful partnership through a video from CMNW.

Featured photo from Chamber Music Northwest