Science & Social Studies in the Garden

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A Ron Russell class project has been flourishing over the summer! Last year, while studying Indigenous people of the western hemisphere, Ms. Archodominion’s 6th grade science and social studies students planted the Three Sisters: corn, beans and squash.

This coming year’s students will harvest the Blue Iroquois corn to make blue masa and then from that tortillas. Glass Gem corn was also planted for drying and popping. This neat project will come full circle as seeds from both corn varieties are saved for the next group of 6th graders to plant in May.

Ms. Archodominion’s students also started a flower garden to provide flowers for future 6th-grade students to study.  The flower garden is a joint project with the Ron Russell and Earl Boyles SUN programs. They are using the space for vegetables and other plants as a service work opportunity. Next up they plan to seek a grant for picnic tables to support the outdoor classroom space.