David Douglas Music Program Grabs Attention

Community  /  Parents Orchestra Classroom at RRMS

Photo courtesy of OPB/Elizabeth Miller

For the last 7 years, Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) has been following a group of students from our District since they were all first graders together at Earl Boyles Elementary. The Class of 2025 project will follow these students all the way through high school graduation, reporting on a variety of education issues through their lens. These students are now 7th graders, most of them at Ron Russell Middle School.

Below is a link to the latest installment, this time focusing on the music program not only at Ron Russell, but in the David Douglas School District as a whole. The article emphasizes the importance that we as a District place on music education, as indicated by the fact that David Douglas has been named a national Best Community for Music Education for 10 consecutive years. This article shows why that is, and it is worth a read.

Meanwhile, the Hechinger Report recently put out an article about the importance of music education in public schools, and how music programs nationwide are growing, especially in low-income school districts. To make their point, they focused on the David Douglas School District. Read their article here.

Finally, David Douglas Music Coordinator Tom Muller and the author of the Hechinger Report article, Lillian Mongeau, were interviewed on OPB’s show, Think Out Loud. They discussed the article and music education in general. You can listen to that 15-minute interview here.