Complete the 2020 Census – Time is running out!

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There isn’t much time left to make sure ALL of us are counted. Let’s show our diversity and be seen!

Why it’s so Important

For every person not counted in the 2020 Census, our community will lose $4,600 every year over the next decade for valuable community programs like education, healthcare and infrastructure. That’s $4,600 per individual! Talk to your friends and family to make sure they complete their 2020 Census. It only takes 10 minutes!

Watch this video to hear directly from community members why it’s so important.

EVERYONE in our community counts!

  • Being counted directly correlates to public resources and political representation.
  • Being counted translates to dollars for your kid’s school district, representation of your issues at the local and state level, and critical public services like roads, hospitals, community centers, services for families of colors, children, LGBTQ programs, and emergency services.
  • None of the census questions are about citizenship

More Information

For more details visit the We Count Oregon website

Complete Your Census

To complete the census visit or call 844-330-2020