School Board Recognition Month

Community  /  News Group Photo of the 2019-20 School Board Members

It’s cliché by now, but also true. It’s been an extremely difficult year for everybody – students, our families, school staff and, of course, our School Board members. For nearly a year now, our all-volunteer School Board has been meeting virtually and steering our District through a pandemic shut down, a racial justice reckoning that brought months of civil unrest, extreme financial uncertainty, and a political divide wider than at any time since the American Civil War.

January is School Board Recognition Month, and our seven Board members have earned that recognition this year.

They have spent countless volunteer hours working to ensure that every child in the David Douglas School District receive the free, high-quality, equitable education that they deserve and need, despite Comprehensive Distance Learning and the other severe obstacles this year has presented, both financial and political.

They have led us through these times while focused on four priority areas: advancing equity, providing culturally responsive instruction, enhancing communication and community engagement, and ensuring excellence in District leadership.

Please join us in thanking and recognizing these community leaders.

Your School Board members are:

Donna Barber, who has served since 2018

Aaron Barrow, who has served since 2019

Frieda Christopher, who has served since 1991

Christine Larsen, who has served since 2013

Sahar Muranovic, Vice Chair, who has served since 2019

Stephanie Stephens, who has served since 2017

Andrea Valderrama, Board Chair, who has served since 2016