Limited In-Person Instruction

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To our David Douglas District Families and Staff:

The David Douglas School Board has unanimously affirmed our intent to continue providing high-quality Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) for all students through the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.

To be clear, the David Douglas School District was always going to provide CDL for families throughout the entire year. Through our surveys, we know that a significant number of our families intend to remain in CDL through June, whether for safety reasons and/or because their students are doing well in it.

But we also know that we have students who are not thriving in CDL and who need additional supports. For those families, the Board asked District leadership to move forward with Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI) at all levels as quickly and safely as possible.

We have established Ready Schools, Safe Learners (RSSL) Committees at each school, as well as at the District level. These committees will immediately begin developing plans for LIPI in all schools, Prek-12.

Our middle and high schools have already begun this work. In fact, David Douglas High School is already bringing certain students to the school for outdoor specialized instruction, such as music students and student-athletes. These opportunities for in-person instruction will expand to students identified as having specific, high needs and, following strict health guidelines, move indoors.

Our elementary schools will now pivot to developing LIPI plans for the near future. While these schools had been preparing for opening in a hybrid model sometime this spring, the Board believes that families and staff will remain safer in CDL, and that students will receive more instruction time than in a hybrid model. A hybrid model combines CDL with in-person instruction for small cohorts. However, the transitions between cohorts while simultaneously maintaining both classroom and online instruction would likely lead to diminished instructional time for students, as well as strain the District’s ability to provide adequate staffing.

A LIPI model allows our schools to continue providing high-quality, fully staffed CDL, while also identifying and wrapping arms around our students who are in the most need of additional supports, following specific Oregon Health Authority guidelines.

We are committed to providing our students with the best possible instruction, along with social-emotional supports, throughout this process. We are committed to providing our families with information and resources they need to help us in supporting their children.

We will continue to communicate frequently as we develop specific plans, including hosting a community forum during which all will be invited to discuss these plans and our future together. We will share details about this forum as soon as they are known.

Stay safe, enjoy your three-day snowy weekend, and thank you.